Apostille Power Of Attorney In Massachusetts

Apostille Power Of Attorney In Massachusetts

If you have a Power Of Attorney in any language: Arabic, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Italian, or any language, and you are looking to get it notarized and authenticated, then you came to the right place. For over a decade, Neighborhood Parcel Business Center in Metro Boston MA has been helping residents and businesses with all of these apostille services.

An Apostille may be affixed to original documents issued in the State of Massachusetts and bearing an official signature and seal of a valid commissioned notary public, current Massachusetts State Registrar, probate judge, or any document issued by one of the departments of the State of Massachusetts. Please find below a list of all the different departments of the State of Massachusetts.

Department Of State Apostille Service Boston MA

How To Apostille Power Of Attorney

The Apostille certification of your power of attorney only certifies the capacity of the person who has signed the public document and the authenticity of the signature. An Apostille certification does not certify the content of the public document to which it relates. Call 978-851-0199 to get started.

Documents issued by a different state can not be apostilled by the State of Massachusetts. They must be apostilled from the same issuing state. Documents issued by the Federal government for individuals or companies located in Massachusetts must obtain the Apostille from the U.S. Department of State.

Apostille Services for Federal Documents.

The Secretary of State of Massachusetts will only issue a Certificate strictly for use in Hague Participating Countries. All documents issued for Non-Hague Participating Countries will be certified, not apostilled.

Apostille services are not necessary within the United States or any of its territories or possessions; Therefore the Secretary of State of Massachusetts will not issue an Apostille for use in American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Which documents are eligible for Apostille Massachusetts Services?

Massachusetts corporate and federal documents are acceptable for the apostille service from the US apostille. We may provide expedited authentication services for Massachusetts certifications from the MD Secretary of State within just One Business Day. Please, contact our customer service for confirmation first at 978-851-0199.

Examples of Massachusetts documents:

  • Certificate of existence.
  • Agency Agreement.
  • Business Letter.
  • Letter of Authorization.
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • Certificate of Merger.
  • Corporate Resolution
  • Company Bylaws.
  • Statement of Dissolution
  • Business License.
  • Assignment.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Certificate of Analysis.
  • Letter of Resignation.
  • Distributor Agreement.
  • Amendments
  • Foreign Certificate of Registration.
  • Stock Purchase Agreement.
  • Certificate of Incumbency.
  • ISO Certificate.
  • Technical Data Sheet.
  • Affidavit
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Power Of Attorney Apostille Service

By far this company is the best at what they do! Unlike the other websites, this is an actual brick-and-mortar office in Metro Boston that you can trust with all your documents.

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