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Renting a Post Office Mailbox comes with a PO Box stigma, and usually, that means multiple trips to the Post Office to check your mail. Neighborhood Parcel offers a great alternative to the PO Box. They offer Mailbox Rental that comes with an actual Street Address! Postal mailboxes include both commercial and residential mailboxes, either wall-mountable or fixed on a post. They are seen in a wide variety of choices. Mailboxes are built of aluminum, steel, or plastic, and available with locking or non-locking options. Postal mailboxes are configured to offer hefty and spacious compartments to hold large volumes of emails and packets.

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These mailboxes are supported by stainless steel hardware and are finished with durable powder coats. They have a large inward hopper-style door to receive bulky parcels. To ensure maximum security, the mailboxes are made of stainless steel hinges and mail slots. Secured locking techniques are employed, the locks being zinc plated in order to prevent rusting. The rubber shutter door seals prevent the mail storage unit from dust and rain. The durable powder coat polish offers not only guaranteed lifetime non-maintenance service but also makes the mailbox to be in different colors. Mailboxes are fixed together by welding such that unwanted slits are not made possible on the surface of boxes forbidding the passage of dust.

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Postal mailboxes may be indoor mailboxes or outdoor pedestal mailboxes. They are designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally. They are antiquely beautified with brass, copper, or stainless steel polishes and designed with resilience and sturdiness to encourage market value. Simple and strong lockable recessed or surface mountable mailboxes are used for commercial purposes, mostly built of heavy-duty steel or aluminum. They are locked with typical padlocks. Such mailboxes are carefully designed to ensure maximum security and are weatherproof. These units have large capacities to hold books, videos, magazines, and packets.

The postal mailboxes for residential mounting are available in various decorative groundbreaking and conventional styles and sizes. They are supported with heavy-duty, rust, and weatherproof galvanized steel bodies and supplementary steel or vinyl poles in the case of post-mount mailboxes. This post may be designed to support multiple mailboxes at the same time. In addition, it also holds a newspaper holder.

U.S. Post Office mailboxes are necessary for any home or office. They can be unique or personalized according to your taste. These can be placed in homes or gardens and can be given even as gifts for birthdays, weddings, or housewarmings.

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“I love this service, they made my life a lot easier. I no longer have to travel to my mailbox to see if I have any mail or packages! They notify me via email anytime I receive mail, they can even scan my mail and send it to my inbox”