Best Mailbox Rental Service In Metro Boston MA

Best Mailbox Rental Service In Metro Boston MA

A heavy-duty mailbox acquires its name from the material with which it has been made. It tops the list over other mailboxes because of its extraordinary strength and stability. Made entirely from heavy-duty steel or aluminum body, it is popularly featured for its versatile characteristics since it can be mounted on any base of the customer’s choice, whether on a classic, deluxe, standard, or decorative post.

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Hammered out into a thick and durable aluminum surface, a heavy-duty mailbox is constructed with a strong die molded aluminum front door and back coat. They are also polished with a durable poly-urethane powder coat finish to resist corrosion and wreckage. Different shades of colors are enhanced to offer a range of choices. A red signal flag is connected to the body which is adjustable to enable identification of the presence or absence of U.S mail delivered. The aluminum door is also provided with a magnetic door holder and an entire-width stainless steel pivot capable of easy and comfortable working. Every unit in these mailboxes is completely protected with a heavy and powerful back-cover to enforce added strength and security.

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Single and multiple heavy-duty mailboxes are used according to their needs. For multiple mounting, they are supplemented with strong two-sided steel posts and spreaders. The mounting hardware is added-on for convenient mounting. Heavy-duty mailboxes are provided with matching newspaper holders made of aluminum. These newspaper holders are also finished in durable powder coats in vivid colors. A heavy-duty rural mailbox is available at $100 including the newspaper holder.

To resist rain and snowfalls, heavy-duty mailboxes are built of sealed joints. Their strong manufacturing techniques make them hardly indestructible and vandal proof. These heavily built mailboxes contain elegant locking proficiencies. Weather-resistant wall mountable and pedestal heavy-duty mailboxes are also available. Such mailboxes are enriched with long-lasting properties for mounting outdoors. The wholly aluminum mailbox is the most preferable as it never corrodes and is thus suitable for outdoor mounting as it can withstand every seasonal variation.

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If you are looking to establish a U.S mailing address for your business or establish a Massachusetts Residents Agent for your LLC or Corporation, then this is the business you need! They have great rates for mailboxes and they offer a lot of additional free features. I highly recommend them.

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