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Neighborhood Parcel can land you a helping hand at the airport and save you some money. We simplify the process by packaging and shipping your luggage worldwide via a wide network of carriers. Neighborhood Parcel offers full-service packaging and shipping via all major carriers at fraction of Airline rates! Travel with peace of mind, leave the worrying behind. By shipping your luggage ahead of your travel or vacation, you will save on Airline Fees, Airport Hassles and your baggage will be at your resort, hotel or cruise line waiting for your arrival. You can also pre-pay to return your luggage and Golf Clubs back to your home or office.

Boston Luggage Shipping

Ship Your Luggage. Ship Your Golf Clubs

Don’t let the idea of luggage shipping fees scare you. We offer a cost-effective way to ship your Golf Clubs, Skis and Luggage that is often cheaper than other shipping service options. We can send our truck to pick up your luggage from your home or office, label it correctly and have it waiting for you at your destination! You will be able to track your luggage in real-time and know exactly where it is in any given time. This travel season, avoid Airline fees and hassles at the airport. You have too much to deal with already! Shipping your luggage ahead of time has proven to save you time and money. Do what hundreds of people have done already, ship your luggage ahead of time and have it wait for you at your destination. Call us today or stop by for a free quote at Neighborhood Parcel 1215 Main St, Tewksbury, MA 01876 Tel (978)851-0199

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” I use the service myself when I am traveling, I can ship my luggage ahead of time, usually a week if I am on intercontinental flights, I ship the luggage from the office in Tewksbury and I usually find the luggage at the Hotel when I arrive there. I save so much time at the airport, I do not have to wait for luggage or rent carts to transport it to my rental car. The service is great and affordable ”

Mr. Gomez from Lava Inc.

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