3 Reasons You Should List Your Business In Online Directory

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Social media marketing and online business directories can help promote your website traffic through indirect advertisement. While in other strategies, you indirectly try to promote your service, in this case, you refer your business information directly to the potential consumer.

For those who are wondering why business directories like Tewksburybusiness.com and directory.bostonbusinesspage.com are important, here is a key factor that will give you a clue as to why the targeted business listing is necessary for your business and website. According to the Local Search Association, almost 9 out of 10 people will look into an internet directory when they are in need of a particular service. 80% of consumers who look into an online directory are likely to turn into potential clients.

Top 3 Reasons why to list your business in Business Directories

# 1: Increase Traffic Flow To Your Website

When speaking of indirect traffic flow, these are clients who enter your website via the search engine results page. For example, someone is looking for the term ‘shipping service’ on the search engine results page and comes across an online business directory that ranks high on the SERP for that particular term. Your company is found to be positioned near the top of this “Shipping Service” category. When visitors click through the insurance category, they also access your website easily.

# 2: Improving Your Website Online Exposure

The online business directory gives you a more specific way to get your website more visibility online and to increase awareness via Social Media links. Make sure your business URL is listed in more than one business directory. The more you submit online, the more visibility you get.

# 3: Make Yourself Easily Accessible

Business Directories help your website becomes easily accessible to customers who conduct a local search to find a particular business near them. Even if you have been running a local business for many years, there are a large number of people who are still not aware of your service. Having your business listed online, will not only inform customers about your existence but will also turn out to be the perfect showcase of your services.

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