Where To Shred Personal Documents

Where To Shred Personal Documents

I collected a large volume of documents that needed to be shredded to safeguard my identity. From old mail to bank documents, mortgage paperwork, to my personal medical files, all had to be shredded and recycled. My personal shredder was simply overwhelmed: It overheated, jammed, created dust, and excessive noise. I knew there must be a better way to shred my personal documents or a local business that can help me witness the shredding of material.

What To Look For In Professional Shredding Service

I was on a mission to find a trustworthy shredding service company in my Boston Neighborhood. I spent hours researching my option and here is what I discovered:

Shredding Service Can Be Expensive

Most of the shredding service companies are focused on Business Clients and they hardly have any interest in helping area residents because they are revenue driven and they rather focus on banks and hospitals that make house calls. Some companies started to serve residents but they charge minimums ranging from 2 to 3 hundred dollars. These minimums are too much for personal shredding and still too expensive. So, I finally discovered a company in the Boston area who specializes in serving area residents, and here is what I love about Neighborhood Parcel:

  • Convenient Drop-Off Service:

Residents like myself can drive to their Tewksbury location and eliminate up to 60% off their shredding service cost. For as low as 89¢ /Lbs, you can drop-off 1 Lb or 5,000 Lbs. This was worth the drive from me and saved me a lot of money. The drop-off location is conveniently located at 1215 Main St in Tewksbury MA 01876. Weekend hours available, you can call (978)636-0301 for the latest schedule and details.

  • No Minimums:

Unlike other companies, Neighborhood Parcel offers no minimums. Residents often don’t have a lot of material to shred, so paying a minimum cannot be cost-effective. Always get the shredding rate quote upfront and pay attention to the fine print.

  • Transparent Pricing

I learned that most of the Boston area shredders will not post their rates online, some websites are Data Farms that collect your information when you submit a quote request and resell it to the highest bidders. Neighborhood Parcel has their rates posted on their website for all to see. These are flat rates with zero hidden fees.

Shredding Service Plans

You have a choice! You can schedule service at your doorstep using an Off-site or a Mobile Shredding service. The difference is clear: Cost. With off-site shredding, your documents are hauled the same day to a shredding facility equipped with giant paper shredders where your documents get shredded. The plant often undergoes random security audits by third-party organizations like NAID to certify that the plant is in compliance with the latest HIPAA and State Privacy Laws. Because of the large capacity of the shredders, the cost is much lower than the mobile shredding.

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Mobile shredding is the service where a shredding truck grinds your documents at your location. This is very expensive! The trucks are very expensive to acquire and to operate and that is why you pay top dollar for the shredding service. You get to witness your documents shredded in front of you but at a very high cost. Some of the drawbacks of mobile shredding:

  • Cost: Mobile shredding will cost you 50 to 80% More than Off-site Service plans.
  • You will be stuck with all the cardboard boxes as mobile shredding trucks won’t shred your cardboard boxes.
  • Noise complaints: Your landlord and neighbors may not like the noise that comes from the shredding trucks.
  • Waste of time waiting for a truck to show up at your location.
  • Possible Mess: Shredded paper may fly off the truck and you will end up with a mess. Some vehicles may leave a trail of the Hydraulic oil spill in your parking lot.
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Best Shredding Company In Boston MA

Great article, full of good tips. I was in the same predicament and I used Neighborhood Parcel shredding service last Saturday. The staff there is very helpful. They unloaded my car and processed my documents securely. Everything god locked into their bins and I received my Certificate Of Destruction within 2 days. Best of all, I saved over $200 by dropping off my documents. This is by far the best shredding company in Boston, no need to waste time in front of personal shredders!

Thomas D. | South Boston MA

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